Choral Singing Therapy Group

The Neurological Choral Singing Group meets weekly 10.30 am till noon on a Tuesday, during school terms at the Dementia Waikato Rooms at 8 Keddell Street in Frankton.

Sessions are for people with Parkinson’s, Stroke or other Neurological conditions affecting communication & speech. A fun and exciting therapy group: Research shows compelling evidence that singing helps voice and breathing in people with Parkinson’s & may help to re-wire the brain after injury, assisting with aphasia. The sessions include a series of voice/facial/breathing exercises followed by a repertoire of familiar songs. Singing is a culturally universal pastime that unites people and produces a sense of belonging. No experience or skills required. It’s not how we sound – it’s about making a sound.

Coffee & Tea will be provided & the cost per session is $3 per person or $5 per couple to assist with costs.

For Stroke Foundation Hamilton members transport to Choral Singing Therapy Group meetings can be arranged by contacting Paul Burroughs on (07) 8492065 or 021 2688793, Email or Bev Depree on (07) 8479354 or 0272840611, Email