Stroke Club

Stroke Club Hamilton

Stroke Club in Hamilton meets monthly on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Starting each year on the fourth Wednesday of January and finishing on the second Wednesday of December. Meetings are held at the Marist Rugby Club Rooms situated on the corner of Old Farm Road and Wairere Drive, in Hillcrest Hamilton, car park entrance in Old Farm Road.

Stroke people who join the club and wish to come on club days are telephoned before each meeting to see if they wish to attend. If they do and are eligible under the Total Mobility Scheme then on the meeting day they are collected by Taxi or Mobility Van (if in a wheelchair) between 9.00 am and 10 am and taken to the stroke club meeting and are returned home the same way leaving the club rooms at approximately 1.15 pm.

The cost for each meeting if collected by taxi is $10.00. This covers the cost of the taxi to and from the club day. If arranging your own transport and your own transport and not using the taxi transport the cost is $5.00 which covers the cost of the morning tea and lunch provided. The balance of the actual cost of the taxi transport and the morning tea and lunch above the members contribution of $10.00 or $5.00 is raised by the committee from various funding sources to keep the cost to members at an affordable level.

After arriving at the club day, morning tea is served by volunteers and a short exercise session which is structured for stroke persons starts the day. This is conducted by a qualified physiotherapist.

After this session a raffle is drawn and this is followed either by an entertainer or a guest speaker on a subject of interest to members. Following this session lunch is served by volunteers.

After the lunch break there is a choice of attending the talk shop sessions with a trained speech language therapist from Waikato hospital for those whose stroke has left a speech language problem.

For the others, a bingo session is held. Bingo helps stroke people with manual manipulation skills of moving the bingo tokens on to cards and with concentration and hand eye coordination, listening and finding the numbers called.

When the bingo and speech therapy sessions are finished at around 1.15 pm the taxi transport then arrives to transport the stroke people home again.

You can download a membership form HERE.

If you would like to attend Stroke Club or know someone who might please contact any of the people listed below:

Paul Burroughs
Phone: (07) 849 2065

Bev Depree
Phone: (07) 847 9354