Benefits of Singing

Eight Ways Music May Assist in Your Stroke Rehabilitation

1. Blood Pressure and Respiration Listening to favourite music may reduce respiratory rate and lower systolic blood pressure.

2. Cognitive function Music improves your ability to plan and make decisions. Listening to your favourite music enhances brain function such as verbal memory and focusing your attention. It also decreases depression and confusion.

3. Emotion Listening to your favourite music has a positive emotional effect. It helps you remember information and encourages you to move.

4. Grey Matter Volume Listening to your favourite music for half an hour a day, for six months after a stroke, increases grey matter volume (nerves on surface of the brain), and neural reorganization. This enhances your recovery of verbal memory, focused attention, and language skills.

5. Language
Patients with a stroke in Broca’s area (left side of the brain toward the front) will likely lose their speech, but they will be able to sing. Singing helps you recover your speech. The rhythm and pitch components of music, especially, help promote your speech rehabilitation.

6. Movement Moving to the beat of your favourite music, especially with musical instruments, will assist in your movement rehabilitation.

7. Plasticity Singing and listening to your favourite music may help you grow new auditory (hearing) and motor (movement) circuits in your brain. Listening to music is associated with neuronal recovery.

8. Sleep and Stress Listening to soothing music is associated with improved sleep quality. Listening to music lowers stress.

  • Use the internet (Spotify etc.) to source your rhythmic music and build a personalized play-list.
  • Use an MP3 player and a set of headphones when listening to music.
  • Listen to your favourite music for half an hour a day.
  • MOVE TO THE MUSIC: Fingers, hands, arms, shoulders, feet, legs – especially the less mobile side, but please don’t fall over.


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