Total Mobility Scheme

Stroke Foundation Hamilton is an accredited agency for the Total Mobility Scheme administered in Hamilton by the Waikato Regional Council and has two Total Mobility Assessors who will do free total mobility assessments for stroke people to see if they meet the eligibility criteria set by the Waikato Regional Council to join the scheme.

The criteria is purely disability based it is not means tested

If people do meet the criteria then the Stroke Foundation Hamilton assessors will complete all the required paperwork and submit it to the Waikato Regional Council on the stroke person’s behalf.

Once people join the total mobility scheme they are issued with a photo I.D. card and a voucher book wallet by the Waikato Regional Council which enables them to use the scheme

Once people meet the criteria and join the total mobility scheme Stroke Foundation Hamilton assessors can issue the total mobility voucher books stroke people require to use the scheme.

What is Total Mobility:

Total Mobility is a nationwide scheme aimed at giving people with disabilities mobility options. The Waikato Regional Council administers the total mobility scheme in Hamilton. The scheme provides financial assistance, giving registered users a 50% discount on taxi fares up to a maximum of $15 per journey. The user pays the other half of the fare to the taxi driver. People who use the scheme must carry a Total Mobility photo I.D. card and vouchers to get the discounted fare.